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The Emerging Cannabis Market in Africa

African nations have been reluctant to get in on the business, with conservative governments fearful of encouraging recreational drug use. The market is however about to change with Africa’s first license to legally deal in medicinal marijuana issued by Lesotho. Zimbabwe followed suit after Lesotho legalizing also for medicinal and research purposes.


Legal for medicinal and research.


Legal for medicinal and research


Well known for its “Malawi Gold Strain” of cannabis. Government is cultivating hemp on trial basis


(previously known as Swaziland) currently exploring legalization

Medical Cannabis Investments in Africa

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5 Reasons you should consider investing in the Kingdom of Lesotho

For many investors, Africa is regarded to as the last frontier or the next big thing in global economy. While some part of the region has been devastated by war and regime changes, others have seen sturdy governance supported by open business and governmental practices which are conducive for investors.

Social – Impact Investment on Medical Grade Cannabis in Africa?

Lesotho became the first country in Africa to legalize and start the exploration of medical grade cannabis. Which is good news for investors that gravitate towards investments that generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside financial returns.